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But we would still love to hear from you and exchange origami with you.
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Sans comparaison, Simon Andersen was the most dedicated paperfolder, origami artist and thinker in Denmark. Many of his original models already have found their way to papir, and his insight and guidance has been tantamount to my own understanding of origami.

On these pages you will finde an overview of Simon's origami on, a set of specific model picture series, some of his writings, and an invitation to contact Simon and how.

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I learned the frame with the 32 modules from Simon who in the picture demonstrates how to cock a snook in Japanese, while you in the background can see his blue folding table and a wall with masks.
The logo turns as a roulette (32 points) - as you never know which angle Simon is going to take.

Simon says ...

Essays by Simon on origami.