Questions about origami? Write to

Sakura 2009, thanks to Danish-Japanese society

Workshops etc.

Do you need entertainment? Workshops? Talks? I have long experience with open workshops, exhibitions, talks, and arrangements. The contents may be themed such as design and materials, techniques, Japanese origami, history, math and creativity, or just for fun.

I have done workshops and exhibitions such as at libraries, Danish Technical Museum, Sakura festival, J-POPCON. Given a 3 hour talk a Mensa summerschool, UNF, Danish-Japanese society, taught at Copenhagen Technical School in design, ... And for company arrangements, pre-weddings, birthdays.

I also do individual designs, and folding diagrams for print. E.g. Roskilde festival paper, Chili, and origami journals.

Write for prices. I live in Gentofte/Copenhagen. Outside the Copenhagen area I need transportation and possibly accomodation.