Week 2010-29


Animals in Givskud Zoo

Last week Givskud Zoo celebrated an "Asia week". Monday and Tuesday I had a workshop folding animals for whoever wanted to join.

The weather was well, a lot of people were interested and showed great concentration during the folding :-) Children and grown-ups, boys and girls. During the two days at 7 hours/day I believe there was like 10 minutes with nobody around the table. Lovely and fun, not the least to see the joy when the folding succeeded (and of course it did).

In particular jumping frogs, flapping birds, basking bats og lilies, but also a few others.

I had prepared some animals, see the pictures. The elephant is a small variation of Simon's snabel-a. The changes means there is no cut is needed, at the cost of missing the tusks. See the instructions.


*** The sign @ is named 'snabel-A' in Danish, literally 'trunk A'. What else could an A4 elephant be named? To obtain the tusks, a cut is needed.
Simon Andersen
A-format Cut
***. robuts elefant