Week 2010-08


When I looked at this flock, I suddenly felt a compulsion to walk right:

A character-full owl

Simon's owl is full of character and simple to fold.

As a real owl it is wise and exhortatory.

The position of the wings can of course be adjusted. Simon's original version has the eyes locked on the inside at the base of the sockets as several of the pictures show. In the instructions I simply fold the eye on the outside which is somewhat easier. If you want the eyes on the inside, you need to open the eye up again, go some steps back, fold the eye in, and close all up again. The folds are the exact same places, they just go in and up instead of out and up.

I also did the basis differently so the owl may stand alone. Eventually you may also want to vary the other details. Play around!

Folded by Simon

A real book owl. Note how the wing reaches below level.

Variation of beak

For this and the next, note the difference between white back and toned back


** A great model. fold of the week 2010-08
Simon Andersen
****. great!