Thanks to all of you

As described on the Copyright-page the general permissions does not extend to images, text and diagrams where I have obtained permissions from other people. See the list below. I would like to profoundly thank the many people for their generous permissions.

Marie Erskov Krogh

Permission for picture and diagram.

(her parents, orally forår 2007, and e-mail 2007-10-23 10:20)

Øystein Reigem

Use of dragon patterns for folding bird with movable beak, including changes and redistribution of SVG files

(e-mail, 2008-01-16,17)

Flemming Holmelund

You may freely use the pictures as you wish

(e-mail 2007-12-28 04:45)

Pictures and story at week fold 2007-52.

Eric Kenneway

Diagram for Dr. Albert Schweitzer, design af Eric Kenneway. Published by permission of the British Origami Society

(Mick Guy, Chairman, e-mail, 2007-10-18)

Michelle Broe

It is completely ok if you make your own version, if you just refer to me. *S* (my translation)

(e-mail 2009-02-27)

Folding instructions with pictures and text, and picture at week fold 20909-09

Erik Rønholt

You are very welcome to publish the rabbit at I only find it good to get new models widely known. (my translation)

(e-mail, 2009-10-12)

Picture, text and diagram via week fold 2009-42.

Nikita Jensen Kristensen might tell that one can do a fold I sent you ... you are free to use the pictures so ... (my translation)

(e-mail, 2009-04-15, 2009-06-04)

Pictures and parts of the text at week fold 2009-23

Lars Bech Nygaard

Of course you may use 'my lily' on the home page, that's why I sent you the 'dis-instructions' .. *G* (my translation)

(e-mail 2009-04-13)

Instructions with pictures and text and pictures at week fold 2009-15

Kenneth Kawamura

(my request: "Would it be ok with you if I describe the (butterfly bomb) and its assembly on my homepage"] Yes, thank you for asking; you have my permission, as requested.

(e-mail 2008-10-02)

E.g. Ugens fold 2008-42.

Simon Andersen

You may freely use, in your own way, anything from me, you may publish through '', absolute permission. (in other words, they may be used on the same conditions as my own models).

(mail, primo oktober 2007)

See Simon's sider

David Mithcell

(my request: "I would like to discuss your model there, presenting pictures of the final model, pictures of the finished module, and a crease pattern") Yes, this would be fine. But no online diagrams or photo folding sequence please.

(e-mail 2008-09-17,24)

E.g. week fold 2008-39

Thoki Yenn

Permission to reproduce origami models and describe these, designed by my father, Thoki Yenn, at If models designed by Thoki Yenn are part of commercial publications of any kind, permisssion must be obtained from Thomas Søndergaard before publication.

(Thomas Søndergaard, e-mail, 2008-01-16)

E.g. week fold 2008-05 and CBP - flower 1 - [cbp-blomst02:flower 2] - [cbp-frugt01:fruit] - little shy hare - [p bbb01:3D curves]

Icecones with softice

* Only 8 years when she made this.
Marie Erskov Krog

Dr. Albert Scweitzer

*** Nice example of using duo Model.Paper. Typical face in Kenneway's design.
Eric Kenneway
diagram [Kenneway1978]
****. good caricature
People, Mask

Lily 3


CBP flower one

*** As part of the cube fruit store it is great. See fold of the week 2008-05.
Thoki Yenn
diagram [Yenn1987]
**. ok


Isao Honda
Square Cut 2 pcs.
*. ok but cut