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Professional background

MSc in computer science and math, University of Copenhagen (DIKU, 1988) and PhD in computer sciencer the same place (1991) in the topic of category theory, types, logic, and programming. Research assistant professor and associate proferssor 1991-1997 at Roskilde University in the area of human-machine interaction with special focus on spoken dialoguer. Since then employed at Prolog Development Center A/S (PDC) where he continued developement and research within spoken dialogue systems until 2007. Both at the university and at PDC her has published books and articles at renowned journals and conferences, se details at // (page in common with Laila Dybkjær). After 2007 and currently he has worked at PDC with the design and development of web systems for planning.

Origami from where?

Hans Dybkjær has made origami since he learned it from his creative and inventive parents as a child and as a teenager he folded his way through Creative Origami by Kunihiko Kasahara og A Creative World of Origami by Isao Honda and designed a number of lamps as well as many variations of known models. Around 1990 he designed his first real models, the eight-sided A4 box and dragon Smaug, In 1992-1996 member of Dansk Origami Center. Created 2006 and co-created the society where today he is chairman. Has designed, analysed and described numerous new models, and experiments with and describes new techniques. Cooperation with i.a. Dansk-Japansk selskab. Talks for i.a. Dansk-japansk selskab, IUNF, and Mensa. Exhibitions i.a. Herlev Bibliotek, Vanløse kulturhus, and Danish Technical Museum. Workshops at libraries, Sakura Festival, many hobby fairs, private, companies etc. Talk and teaching at origami conferences at i.a. Winchester, York, and Zaragosa.


Book: Hans Dybkjær: Origami - teknik og tradition,, 2008.

Design and diagram: Student cap, Chili, 2009.

Design and diagram: Slim vase and tulip vase, British Origami Convention proceedings, Autumn, 2009.

Article: with design idea: Crumbleface, self-portrait, i British Origami Magazine 247, August, 2009.

Film: Origami models for the film Silas, 2010.

Book: Laila Dybkjær og Hans Dybkjær: Origami – foldefamiliens jul,, 2011.

Diagrams: Various modulars, in Paula Versnick (ed): Denver Lawson's Unusual Modulars, 2011, isbn 978-90-809243-3-8.

Course: Origami - shape, design and materials. Teaching at media graphics curriculum, Copenhagen Technical School, 2012.

Design and diagram: Pentagonal flip-flop, pentagonal bun cage; Proceedings, XVI AEP International Origami Convention, Zaragoza 2013.

Article: On design variations, in British Origami Magazine 287, 2013. With diagram of mallow and variations.

Article: Sur la conception de variantes, Le Pli, 2013 (translated by Claire Landre). With diagram of mallow and variations.

Design and diagram: Twisted square bowl, in Bolitho et al (eds): Origami Europe, isbn 9781497584662, 2014.

Article: Orange Spheres and Odd Even Apples, ousa, reviewed paper on math, origami and design of spherical objects. The Fold, July-August 2015,

TV series: Origami models and design for the TV2 holiday calendar, 2015.

Article: Troels Højer Jensen and Hans Dybkjær: Nths via Pythagorean triplets. The Fold, januar-februar, 2016. Reviewed paper on math and origami with design uses dividing paper in given proportions.

Diagram: Sheep. Hungarian origami journal, to appear, 2016.

Article: Euler Tours and Origami Cycles. Submitted for peer review, Symmetry festival (conference on math and art), Vieanna, July 2016. On origami design of Yoshimoto Cube no. 3, with aesthetic considerations and compational analysis of mathematicakl topological properties.

In anddition a number of popular essays. The articles above are all research oriented and has a growing change of focus from popular research towards actual, academic research.

Dragon (Smaug)

**** Designed and folded in the early 80'ies, now also photo-diagrammed. See fold of the week 2007-18. Modified pegasus, just more complex.
Hans Dybkjær
****. straight out of the hobbit

The World of Origami

Isao Honda 1976 **
Japan Publications Trading Company
(forkortet udgave af bog med samme titel fra 1965)
299mm x 210mm
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