Xmas heart


Xmas heart

Cross stich style

The description here assumes you already know how to make a woven xmas heart. The xmas heart here is made to look like 'cross stiches' where strips of equal width are weaved to produce a motive.

You may print and cut according to the drawing, but it is easier to use compass and ruler when you have many, straight strips.

Then you cut out two pieces of paper. I measure the width using a ruler and marks with pencil, fx 16 strips of 5 mm, and cut out with a paper knife along the ruler. Remember to cut an additional 3-5 mm lengthwise to leave room for the braiding.

You have great freedom in the patterns, but both colours must always be visible in particular along the fringes, otherwise the two parts do not keep together. Also remember that even if the patterns look like cross stitches, the actual weaving is more like satin stitches as neighbour fields of the same colour will consist of one strip jump over a number of strips from the other colour.


Weaved Christmas heart

**** Woven Christmas hearts are traditional Danish if not really origami. This one is 'cross stitch technique' makint it relatively simple to make new motives.
Hans Dybkjær
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