Yule goat


A real yule goat

The yule goat with its two horns has a clean design.

A4 or A5 provides good sizes. Use somewhat thick and rustique paper with matching front and back. Moist paper is good, e.g. right after two colours have been glued together.

See also fold of the week 2007-48.

The folding

The paper

1. Orange cardboard in A4.

2. Red paper glued to the backside.

3. Fold softly, mark sharply towards the ends.

The tail

4. Unfold. Fold the corner halfway in.

5. Repeat with the other corner.

6. Unfold.

7. Turn over.

8. Fold in aligned with the marks.

9. Tuck inwards...

10. ...so 1/3 of the end protudes as a tail.

11. Seen from the above.

12. Unfold.

13. Turn over.

14. Fold corner in to align with existing creases.

15. Turn over.

16. Push the sides in the end inwards...

17. ...and the tail will swip into place. Note that the narrow end is outermost.

The head

18. Unfold again.

19. Mark the center.

20. Like so.

21. Slanted fold from the mark orthogonally above.

22. Repeat other side.

23. And make outside reverse fold.

24. Fold halfway back.

25. Turn, and repeat.

26. Open up.

27. Fold head down.

28. And push flat outwards.

29. Turn.

30. Repeat her: open up.

31. Fold head down.

32. And push flat outwards.

33. Open the center and mark the fold.

34. Let it back.

35. Turn.

36. Open center and mark fold to the other side.

37. Now open center and fold to both sides, the head swivels down.

38. Assemble the tail again, finished.

Christmas goat

** Use rustique, heavy paper with a slightly different back. Glue is not needed, but can help make the shape more robust. See also fold of the week 2007-48.
Simon Andersen
***. nice shape
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