Snap hexahedron / Gem


Crease pattern

Action and geometry

The 'snap hexahedron is both an action model, a juvel with a surprising end, and has a satisfying folding sequence when you first have learned the flick-flick-flick sequence by heart.

The paper could be a bit thick, e.g. thin cardboard. Mono-colour is fine, the back side is entirely hidden.

See also weekly fold 2015.

The folding

1. Start with a square, colour side up. Crease into four.

2. Crease into four in the other direction.

3. Crease dashed diagonal lines, one at a time.

4. Push the two lines together, pairwise, collapsing the model.

5. FLICK the side over. Repeat behind.

6. FLICK out in bottom and top, front and back.

7. FLICK the topmost part behind.

8. Fold corners to the centre, two front and two behind.

9. Curl front and back corners to be tucked in.

10. Tuck the bottom triangle into the pocket. Repeat behind.

11. Open the flaps up to a tri-bladed turbine.

12. Wind turbine. Hold in top and bottom and blow.

13. Push firmly, but slowly, top and bottom.

14. Smapphire! Sides pop out to shape a hexahedron.

15. Make more, until you are rich.

Snap hexahedron

*** Satisfying folding sequence, action in second-last step (windturbine), and a surprise when the gem pops out with a snap in the last step.
Larry Hart
diagram png
****. fun, and clean design
Decoration, Action