Frø 3


Crease pattern

Press down, it jumps

The jumping frog is an old classic which always make people happy. And so simple that even small school children may make it. Ordinary paper is fine. Paper size 12x6 cm makes a model of 3.5x4 cm.

Flick the finger quickly down at the back edge, and the frog jumps. A square makes two, so make one each and see who first makes it jump into a bowl or a glass.

The folding

1. Start with a 2 by 1 rectangle.

2. Mark the diagonal in the square in one end...

3. ...and mark the others, too.

4. Fold together in the created folds. Carefully flatten the nose with your finger.

5. Press flat - waterbomb base in the one end, like when you make a paper air plane.

6. Repeat waterbomb base in the other end as well.

7. Fold the corners (legs) up, respectively down.

8. Fold the feet out.

9. Turn over. Press the center a bit so you can see it.

10. Fold the sides in to a little behind the middle.

11. And the rump, the broad end, fold it to the side points.

12. Turn the beast over.

13. Fold the end over the middle so the feet match.

14. Note that a little of the sides come along.

15. Fold the feet (almost) halfway back.

16. Turn over, and the frog is finished.

Jumping frog

** You don't seem the jumping frog often in books, even if it is a little pearl close to the basking bird. See also fold of the week 2007-11.
2x1 Rectangle
****. simple and entertaining
Reptile, Action